Casual Day Committee

Staff Senate Casual Day Mission:

Engage in school spirit by supporting the needs of our community.

2023-2024 Casual Day Schedule

Month Cause Item Count
August Bobcat Bites 85
September Homecoming Candy  
October Peru Daycare  
November Peru State Student Cold Gear  
December SENCA Holiday food items  
January Auburn Good Samaritan/Longs Creek  
February Bobcat Bites  
March Student Supply Closet  
April Project Response  
May Peru Daycare  
June Bobcat Bites  
July Local School Supplies  

Casual Day is held, typically, the 1st Friday of the month with Month-long collection. This allows those who wish to donate more time to do so. We will continue to collect items inside the North entry-level of the CATS building (to be monitored frequently).

Current Month Donation List

Staff Senate Casual Day Committee Members:

All employees are invited to participate. Individual or group/office donations are welcome.

Employees are expected to exercise good judgment in their attire and to dress in a manner that is appropriate to the type of work performed. It is important that employees project a professional image to those with whom they interact. Peru State regalia is appropriate, or any shirt that is “Peru Blue” in color. You may also wear a dress shirt with your jeans. Jeans should be in good condition with no rips/tears. Running pants are not acceptable. Items that advertise other colleges and universities are discouraged. If you have questions about appropriate attire, please consult the Peru State College Employee Handbook or contact Human Resources.

Please be mindful that this is each employee's personal choice to engage in the Casual Day cause. We have an opportunity to give back to area organizations through large or small donations, or in collaboration with co-workers. Please only dress casual if you made a donation to the month’s identified cause on the specified date. Also note, that if you have campus commitments in which professional attire would be more suitable, you are still welcome to make a donation. 

The Casual Day Committee has formulated a list of organizations throughout the next year for our Casual Day causes. However, if other staff or faculty members are involved in different groups and hear of something unique, please submit your organization and cause for the committee to review and consider modifying the planned schedule. The Casual Day Committee will review suggestions and notify Staff Senate if changes are going to be made. Thank you for your suggestions.

Casual Day Cause Suggestion Form

Results from Recent Casual Day Donations:

Academic Year Total Donations:
Items donated to local groups/organizations

2023-2024 - TBD
2022-2023 -
2021-2022 -
2020-2021 - 1,683
- 782
2018-2019 - 644

September 2022 Homecoming Candy items collected

September 2022 Homecoming Candy items collected