President’s Council

Leadership Commitment

Peru State College will be an exceptional community that changes lives by:

  • Empowering employees to make a difference.
  • Providing opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  • Building community through collegial and collaborative relationships resulting in trust.
  • Fostering mutual respect and support.
  • Engaging in active and responsive leadership.
  • Instilling a sense of pride by celebrating successes.


Role of the President’s Council

  • Promote two-way communication and information-sharing about college initiatives, policies and events
  • Develop a better understanding of the work and responsibilities of diverse groups enhancing support for these groups
  • Identify key issues and discuss solutions
  • Encourage cross functional communication and problem solving
  • Empower campus leaders to solve problems and improve processes
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Cabinet


President’s Council Meeting Notes


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