Student Engagement

The Peru State College vision notes that "Educational engagement is an active approach to teaching and learning that considers the diversity of students and creates a culture of ownership, inclusion and leadership. It empowers all students and employees to connect personally with the educational experience, others and society by creating opportunities for direct involvement in learning. Engaged educators and learners seek to understand and respect multiple perspectives in the search for solutions to problems through inquiry and research. This process facilitates the discovery of new ideas and better practices. These discoveries, along with continuous reflection and a commitment to service, foster a culture of innovation resulting in progressive change that benefits society."

Faculty and staff are committed to creating engaged learning opportunities for students. Topics in this section include;

Funding Opportunities

Two funding opportunities are available to faculty include:


  • Campus Compact
    Campus Compact advances "the public purposes of over 1,000 colleges and universities by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility."

For Further Reading

  • Professor Goldilocks and the Three Boundaries: As I think about my undergraduate mentor, it is precisely because of her professionalism, warmth, and mentorship that I still turn to her to help me navigate the waters of working in higher education.
  • Why Won't They Ask Us for Help? (Lammers, 2017): We gathered from what these focus groups reported that the most effective and direct way for instructors to encourage students to seek help is an honest review of our behaviors and a willingness to adapt our teaching styles so that we appear more transparent and accommodating to students. In truth, most of us are available, approachable, and ready to provide help. We just need to constantly remind ourselves to regularly communicate these qualities to our students.