Bobcat 360 Alerts

In Case of Emergency

In case of an emergency, do not use Bobcat 360. Instead, call 911 (local law enforcement) or 402-872-2411 (Campus Security) or 402-872-2246 (Care Team) or submit a CARE Team referral form.

What is an alert?

An alert is entered by someone who has a relationship with the student (e.g. instructor, advisor, residence assistant, etc.) and will lead to some kind of intervention with the student. As an example, an instructor may enter an alert that indicates the student is having academic performance issues. In most cases, referrals should be used after some other intervention has occurred. For instance, instructors are in the best position to initially talk with students.

How do I enter an alert?

From your frontline dashboard, click the Alert icon and then search for the student. Click the Enter Alert link and you will go to a form that asks your contact information and has a series of questions. Fill out only the areas where you have a concern. In the final question, provide as much information as necessary so that someone can follow up effectively with the student. Avoid providing overly specific information (e.g. test score of 56%), instead noting that the student failed an exam. Mark as private medical or mental health issues, but in most cases you would mark the alert as public so that those connected to the student can see it.