Bobcat 360 and Advising

Using Bobcat 360 in Advising Sessions

Mapworks has information that can help your advising sessions be efficient and meaningful. Here are some of the features of Mapworks that you might reference in discussions with your advisees.

Search: Academic Performance

One of the first places to start would be to view the Academic Performance of all students with whom you are connected (advisees and students in your courses). From your Dashboard, click Search and then Academic Performance and then High Risk of Failure to see a list of your students who have been identified through Academic Updates as being at risk. To look at just your advisees, choose Custom Search and then Groups to click on your advisee group. From there, you can click on Academic Update to find your advisees who are at risk of failure.

Reviewing Individual Student Performance

To look at information about specific students, search for your advisee using the Search box.

Then, you will use one of the four tabs on the Student’s Dashboard. (Students have a different dashboard than what you see for them.)

  • Survey Results: If your advisee is a new student with fewer than 30 credits or is a transfer student, he or she had the opportunity to complete a survey. The Survey Dashboard tab provides information about their responses to the survey. You’ll see green check marks for items that are positive, yellow exclamation marks for areas of concern, and red Xs for warning indicators. By clicking on the topic, you can see how your student responded to questions in that area.
  • Talking Points: The Talking Points tab provides a brief review of areas of concern from the survey or from the student’s demographic data.
  • Details: Courses and Profile: By clicking the Details tab, you can find a great deal of information about your student. If your advisee has been included in academic update requests, he or she may have in-progress grades for their courses. You can find these by clicking the Courses link on the left hand navigation bar. By clicking the History link, you can see what was entered in the Academic Update for the student. By clicking the Profile link in the left hand navigation bar, you can learn about the various demographic and other factors for your students.
  • Activity Stream: Referrals and Contacts: If there have been Referrals or Contacts entered for your student, you can review those by clicking in the Referral box or by clicking the Activity Stream tab. From there, you can see how others may have responded to this referral.