Bobcat 360

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Bobcat 360 is a software product that will help us identify and communicate with students who are at-risk for leaving the College before completing their degree. The software uses a case management approach to identifying and addressing concerns about students. There are four key components of Bobcat 360:

  • Alerts/Referrals: College faculty and staff can enter alerts on students for whom they have concerns. These concerns may include academic performance, attendance, social, or mental health. For immediate assistance, contact 911 or a counselor. Don't rely on alerts for immediate assistance. Information about entering alerts can be found at this link.
  • New Student Assessment Survey: New students are given the same survey as we have done for the past several years. This survey assesses the degree to which they are adapting to the College and identifies any early concerns they student may have. Recent survey results are available at the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.
  • Feedback Requests: You may be asked to complete a short survey about students as part of their case management. You'll be notified by email and then log into Bobcat 360 to complete the feedback form.

Bobcat 360 Resources for Faculty