Teaching Evaluations

In determining progress during an evaluation period, the Dean and faculty members will use student instructional effectiveness surveys as one important index of teaching effectiveness. Student surveys will be conducted in at least two (2) courses taught by the faculty member during each academic year. Faculty may elect to have more than two (2) courses surveyed. Non-tenured faculty may be required to have all courses surveyed. Tenured faculty may be required to have more than two (2) courses surveyed if performance concerns exist and notice regarding the concerns have been communicated in writing to the faculty member. Summaries of the student surveys and comments will be given to the faculty member within thirty (30) business days of the conclusion of the course and a copy will be placed in the personnel file. Without faculty permission, student surveys and summaries and faculty evaluations will be available only to academic supervisory personnel and their staff. The faculty member may request third party verification of the accuracy of the student surveys’ summaries. The third party will be agreed upon by the faculty member and the Dean.

Student surveys will be maintained for one semester following the semester in which the surveys were administered, for purposes of such validation. To support the evaluation process, evidence may also be collected from class visitations, monitoring on-line courses with notification, course outlines, tests, quizzes, writing assignments, review sheets, and other relevant sources. The evaluation will not be based on student surveys only. (SCEA Agreement, Section 7.4)

Faculty can access their previous course evaluations by clicking on the "Course Evaluations" link in Blackboard.  This is in addition to the access link they receive via email after the course evaluation results for a particular project/term are released. Note that the scale for course evaluations is 1 (Strongly Agree) to 5 (Strongly Disagree).

Course Evaluation Questions

The following questions are included on the Course Evaluation survey of students:

  1. Reason for taking the course (requirement or elective).
  2. The instructor clearly communicates course objectives and how they relate to the program's goals and mission at the beginning of the course.
  3. The instructor follows the syllabus and/or explains when a deviation is necessary.
  4. Course material/presentations/discussions clearly relate to the course objectives.
  5. Course material/presentations/discussions are well organized and clearly presented.
  6. Exams/assignments clearly relate to the course objectives.
  7. Exams/assignments are well organized and clearly presented.
  8. Grading criteria are clear.
  9. Graded assignments are returned within a reasonable time.
  10. Appropriate feedback is provided on graded material.
  11. The instructor responds effectively to questions.
  12. The instructor is available for individual help.
  13. The course is intellectually challenging.
  14. The instructor teaches the course effectively.

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