Beginning of the Semester Items

Everything you need to get the semester off to a great start.

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Calendars and Schedules

    • Final exams are scheduled the last week of the semester. Coaches of varsity athletic teams do not schedule regular games or events during this week. However, they may enter their teams in NAIA approved play-offs in which the College has declared an intention to participate if qualified. Students who participate in play-off events during finals week are still subject to the attendance policies of their instructors. Faculty may not schedule final exams for individuals or courses at times other than those established in the Finals Week schedule without the express consent of the appropriate Dean.

  • Dead Week: For 16 week courses, Dead Week is the week prior to finals week, and no exams are to be given during that week. Exceptions to this policy may be granted only by the appropriate Dean.


Tips for Starting the Semester