Student Learning Assessment

We define assessment at Peru State College as “The systematic process of collecting, analyzing, sharing, and using information to improve student learning and development and the quality and efficiency of programs and services provided to students.” The college is committed to an ongoing process of assessment, reflection, and improvement of the student experience particularly their learning. After all, assessment is not beneficial unless the results are shared and utilized to guide improvements; closing the assessment loop. We believe that for assessment to be meaningful it must be done thoughtfully and systematically. We also understand that the learning and development of our students takes place inside and outside of the classroom which is why we focus assessment at every level.

Faculty are expected to play an important role in the assessment process by identifying student learning outcomes for their courses, programs and General Studies; assessing those outcomes using direct and indirect measures; and making changes to programs based on assessment results in a continuous improvement process.

To learn more about assessment, to view assessment results, and to review other institutional research, consult the Assessment and Accreditation website .