Faculty Sabbaticals

The purpose of sabbatical leave is to provide an opportunity for faculty members to engage in scholarly, creative, professional, research, or other academic activities that will enhance the faculty member’s contribution to the College. Sabbatical leave is an important element in professional development. Tenured faculty members who have been employed as faculty at the College for at least seven (7) consecutive years shall be eligible to apply for sabbatical assignments. Faculty members are not eligible to receive sabbatical assignments more frequently than once every seven (7) years. Each College shall make available at least one (1) sabbatical per fifty (50) faculty members, or major fraction thereof, per year. Awarding of such sabbatical shall be contingent upon the receipt of a meritorious proposal.

Complete information is available in the SCEA Agreement, Section 8.1 .



Dec. 1: Applications due to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Feb. 1: Faculty members will be notified in writing of President's sabbatical decisions

90 Days following return from sabbatical: Faculty member submits report to VPAA



Please review these Sabbatical Guidelines prior to making an application.

Applications are due to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by December 1, using the application form found below.

Applications must include a proposal that details the following:

  • The scholarly, creative, professional, research, or other academic activities you will pursue during the sabbatical;
  • A plan of professional development;
  • A statement that addresses the anticipated value of the sabbatical to you and the College.