Disruptive Student Policy

No person shall engage in any disorderly behavior that disrupts the College’s academic environment or the provision of College services. Faculty have a responsibility to maintain an effective learning environment in their classrooms and to deal promptly with any disruptions that interfere with the learning environment. The faculty are in charge of their classrooms. If they feel a student is interfering with the right of other students to learn or if they feel they are being unreasonably hindered in the presentation of subject matter, faculty have the right to eject the offending student from class and/or notify the appropriate academic Dean regarding the student’s behavior. Either course of action should be taken with discretion and for reasonable cause.

Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to, fighting, making unreasonable noise, refusing to obey a reasonable request by the faculty, using a cell phone or other electronic devices in appropriately, using abusive or obscene language, gesturing, harassing, or threatening, or engaging in any other behavior that disrupts the learning for other students.

If a student is ejected from the class, the following steps will be taken:

1. The faculty member should immediately submit a written report of the incident to the academic Dean with a copy to the student, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, the Dean of Students, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. (If the incident involves physical violence or threat thereof, a report should also be made to Campus Security.)

2. Upon receipt of the report, the academic Dean will schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the incident. The student must meet with the appropriate academic Dean before returning to class. When possible, such meetings will be scheduled in order to limit class sessions missed.

3. The Dean of Students may refer the student to the disciplinary process, following Board Policy 3200.

4. If the situation is resolved, the student may return to the class.

5. If the situation is not resolved or if any subsequent incidents occur, the academic Dean will meet with the student again. Following that meeting, a determination will be made if the student can return to class or if the student will be removed from the course and be subject to the disciplinary process, following Board Policy 3200.

Final Version: October 29, 2018