Voting for Faculty Committees by Written Ballot Policy

Recommended by Faculty Senate – January 21, 2008
Approved by Administration – February 29, 2008

When vacancies occur for any faculty position on committees that fall under the jurisdiction of
the Peru State College Faculty Senate, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. The appropriate Associate Dean will notify faculty of the position(s) available by email no
    later than 3 working days prior to the school meeting to solicit nominations, including
  2. At the school meeting, the Associate Dean will read the list of nominations and open the
    floor to further nominations.
  3. Once nominations for a specific committee opening are closed, the following sequence
    shall occur immediately. Should there one nominee, the written ballot will be replaced
    with a voice vote. If there is more than one nominee, a written secret ballot will be taken,
    it will be counted by the Associate Dean and/or Office Assistant, and the person elected
    shall be announced. Ties will be broken by a re-vote.